LEONIA - A former Leonia firefighter is facing charges after he allegedly engaged in a sex act in his car while the young boy he was caring for was left unattended.

Leonia police say that Charles Pipitone left the 5-year-old boy he was caring for alone for nearly an hour in a park while PipitoneĀ had a sexual liaison with a woman inside his car. The boy was found upsetĀ but unharmed on top of a slide in the park. The park is right next to the police station.

Pipitone allegedly claimed he was sitting on a park bench with a clear view of the playground, but was experiencing some sort of medication condition. Police determined this was not the case.

Pipitone was a Leonia firefighter for many years, but was apparently let go last year after the borough ran a background check on him and found he got into an altercation with police years ago.

He is now facing charges of lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child.

News 12 New Jersey tried to reach out to Pipitone at his home, but no one was available for comment.