LINDEN - Police say criminals installed skimming devices over ATM card readers in three different spots around Linden in the last few weeks.

Linden police say criminals hit two 7-Eleven stores and a Bank of America.

Officials say that it can be tough to spot the skimming devices because they look exactly like the regular card reader. However, the devices have an electronic chip that allows criminals to steal information.  

Linden police say alert customers recently found the skimming devices on the ATMs at the 7-Eleven stores.  A Linden detective noticed the skimmer at the ATM at the North Wood Avenue Bank of America Wednesday evening.

Police say customers should check if the reader is loose before using it, and make sure their card goes in without resistance.  

Officials believe the thieves hit the 7-Eleven stores because the ATMs were located in the back of the store, out of public view.

Police are asking the public to contact them if they notice a card reader that seems "off."

Authorities in Monroe Township issued a warning after getting reports of a possible skimmer at two Wawa stores in the area.