TRENTON - Authorities have captured men they say were running a theft ring using self-checkout counters.

Police say Julio Suarez, David Pulgarin, and Julio Barahona, who are all currently in custody, used self-checkout lanes to rip off thousands of dollars in merchandise, on more than 500 different occasions.

Officials say there are two other men still on the loose who were part of the operation. Police describe the plan the men used as simple: scan cheap items, but pocket expensive ones.

The bust was a joint effort between the attorney general, local police and the Secret Service. The suspects allegedly targeted Home Depots in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia.

The two men still wanted in the case have been identified as Javier Piza and Nicolas Cortez. Anyone with any information is asked to contact local law enforcement or call the Division of Criminal Justice at 866-TIPS-4-CJ.