NEWARK - The Newark community is demanding an end to the violence after two brothers were killed in a shooting and a third man was left in serious condition.

Prosecutors have identified the victims as Fuquan Davis, 25, and Jalil Henry, 24.

The shooting reportedly took place on Vassar Avenue. Neighbor Bernadette Odom was there when it happened. "We should still be able to step out of our home without worrying about seeing someone laying in the car dead," she says.

The deaths are the 39th and 40th homicides in Newark in 2013. Two of the candidates for mayor in 2014 spoke to News 12 about their plans.

"I commit to bringing in 100 officers immediately after I get elected to the mayor's seat," says Anibal Ramos. "But crime doesn't begin and end with the police department."

Darrin Sharif agrees that the community needs to be involved. "We don't want to make Newark a police state, but we've got to get the balance right." Sharif says. "That's what we need to do better introducing different activities to young people. Recreation is important but we need activities that stimulate the mind."

Odom says the solution is a little simpler than that. "If they stop allowing these people coming up from down south with truck loads of guns selling for $10 to these people, we wouldn't have this," she says.

Police haven't released many details on the circumstances or if they have any suspects in custody. A $2,000 reward is being offered for any information leading to an arrest.