CLARK - Police say they found another skimming device attached to an ATM in Union County.

Officials say the latest skimming device was found on the ATM at a 7-Eleven on Westfield Avenue in Clark.

As News 12 recently reported, the devices have been discovered at ATMs in two 7-Eleven stores, as well as a Bank of America in Linden.

Police in Monroe also recently reported that skimmers had been found at numerous stores and banks in the town.

The skimming devices are put onto ATM machines and have an electronic reader inside them, allowing criminals to steal account information from patrons.

Police say customers should check to see if a card reader is loose before using it. They are also encouraging convenience stores to keep the ATM’s plain view, as criminals could be targeting businesses that have ATM's toward the back of the store.

There is no word if the crimes are related.