JERSEY CITY - Jersey City police have arrested the man accused of stealing Torahs and other items from the Congregation B'Nai Jacob synagogue.

The synagogue was recently broken into twice and congregants say that they were most concerned that the group’s Torahs were taken right before the high holidays on the Jewish calendar.

Rabbi Aaron Katz says he was disheartened to hear that the man arrested had a deep ties to the synagogue. Police arrested Thomas Dobles, 39, or Jersey City.

“We have confidence in this person. His family was working here for years, for more than 20 years, and I think it's broken this confidence,” Katz says.

According to police, Dobles stole an air-conditioning unit, silver and even a refrigerator from the temple. The Torahs were found in a closet no one knew about.

“The two Torahs had to be over 100 years old, but that's not it, even if they were just finished being printed yesterday, they were an important part of this synagogue,” says congregant Jane Canter.

Dobles was been charged with burglary and theft. Police recovered the refrigerator and returned it to the synagogue.