GUTTENBERG - Police officers in Guttenberg have arrested the man they say broke into several apartments at the Galaxy Towers and stole jewelry.

The arrest was made only 24 hours after the crime, all thanks to some quick police work and help from the building’s director of security.

According to police, Richard Medina, 50, forced his way through penthouse doors and stole $50,000 worth of jewels on March 9. Luckily, Medina’s image was all over security footage. Angie Granda, site director for security, looked over hours of video to look for clues.

“He was really nervous, he was biting his nails,” she says. “He didn't even press the correct number in the elevator. Instead of going to the lobby, he was pressing buttons.”

Guttenberg police admit the physical evidence was lacking in the case, but Granda’s hard work helped them find the culprit.

The photos taken from the security cameras were distributed. The next day, Hudson County Probation told officers the suspect may be at the Probation office. Police found Medina there and he confessed to the burglaries.

“I'm amazed I never, in almost 10 years, I've never made an arrest that quick for a burglary,” says Officer Joseph Keselica.

It's not clear exactly how Medina got into the buildings. Guttenberg police say Medina also confessed to an Edgewater break-in. Most of the jewelry that was stolen was recovered. Police also found jewelry that was not part of the Galaxy Towers job. The investigation is ongoing.