EAST RUTHERFORD - Authorities say more than 60 people were arrested and 10 troopers were injured Sunday night after a group of people became disorderly outside of a hip-hop concert at MetLife Stadium.

New Jersey State Police said Monday that 61 people were arrested after people tried to climb fences and push past security to get into the sold-out Hot 97 Summer Jam show at MetLife Stadium. 

Multiple people in the crowd outside the gate threw bottles and trash at police and security, state police said. Officials say the troopers' injuries were minor.

"A small group of highly disruptive people ruined this concert for many others. They created a danger to ticket-holders, stadium employees, and troopers on the scene. Our troopers took the appropriate steps to restore order to what was a brief and volatile situation," said Col. Rick Fuentes, superintendent of the New Jersey State Police.

Police say those arrested face charges including assault, trespassing, weapons possession and soliciting without a permit. Most were charged with disorderly behavior.

An armored state police vehicle began blasting a piercing loud noise to try to disperse the crowd and police later deployed tear gas.

Troopers arrested 51 people at last year's Summer Jam concert at the same venue.