TRENTON - Three people were shot and wounded when gunfire erupted outside a Trenton church where a funeral was being held for a 19-year-old shooting victim.

Trenton police say two men were hospitalized in critical condition, and a woman was treated for a graze wound. The men are now stable and the injuries are not considered life-threatening.

Eric Muhammad says his 75-year-old grandmother was forced to run from the scene. "There's always been a rule in the street, regardless of what you're doing," he says. "Certain things you didn't do, and one of them was shooting up churches and shooting up funerals."

One man reportedly arrested during a traffic stop in connection with the shooting was carrying a gun, but police say there is no evidence that he fired it. 

Several other people at the funeral also had guns. Discarded weapons were found all over the area, including one in the church vestibule.

"This is just another new low which we're dealing with in the city of Trenton," says Trenton Police Director Ralph Rivera.

Rivera says the outrage caused by the location of the latest violence may be enough to break the city's "no snitching" code. 

"It was a daylight event," Rivera says. "A lot of witnesses have come forward, once again, because of the fact that it's a church and it's sacred ground."

The funeral at Galilee Baptist Church on Martin Luther King Boulevard was for Cagney Roberts, a Trenton resident who was killed in an April 10 shooting in the city. More than 100 mourners attended the services.

No arrests have been made in Roberts' killing.

Acting Trenton Mayor George Muschal says he has a meeting scheduled with Gov. Chris Christie for later this month to discuss the city's police manpower shortage.