PATERSON - Police in Paterson have made what they say is the largest heroin bust in the city's history.

Drugs with a wholesale value of $2 million were seized near a warehouse in an industrial area on Second Street at 23rd Street.

Police say the drugs were found Friday morning inside a tractor-trailer and two vehicles parked along Second Street.

In all, police say they collected 18 kilos of heroin and 20 kilos of cocaine, and four men were arrested.

Euclides Moya has been identified as the ringleader, and police say Moya also operates several liquor stores in Paterson, including Moya Bar and Liquors on 10th Avenue. 

Also arrested were Miguel Tovar, Aneudy Mena and Doni Polino

The bust came following a major investigation that involved Paterson police, the DEA and Yonkers police.

It's unclear where the drugs were supposed to be headed for processing and packaging.