JERSEY CITY - The investigation into abuse at a Jersey City day care has led to the discovery of two new alleged victims.

The Hudson County Prosecutor's Office says it has identified two more toddlers that suffered abuse at the hands of Young Cha, 29, a teacher's aide at Sunnyside Academy.

Cha has been charged with two more counts each of child abuse and endangerment after investigators reviewing surveillance video say they saw her slapping, yanking and dragging two children, 18 months and 2 years old, in her care.

Cha has already been charged for allegedly slapping a 17-month-old boy in the face. Prosecutors have not said when Cha will appear in court on the new charges.

The father of the 17-month-old boy, who asked not to be identified, says his son was also abused by Ann Bactawar, a teacher's aide at Sunnyside Academy also charged with child abuse in April.

A third staff member, part-time violin teacher Muhammad Bilal, was charged in January with sexually assaulting two students at his studio in Jersey City. When parents learned that Bilal had been hired with a prior conviction, they demanded cameras be installed at Sunnyside. Those cameras have allegedly recorded all of the incidents involving Cha and Bactawar.

Sunnyside Academy is still open for business, but fewer parents have been bringing their children there.