PITTSTOWN - Police say that two people were killed when a small plane crashed Sunday near a private airport in Hunterdon County.

State police say the crash happened around 12:30 p.m. near the Sky Manor Airport.

The airport is located just off Route 615 in Pittstown.

The FAA said that the plane, a Mooney M-20, which holds only three passengers, was attempting to land at the airport when it stalled. The plane crashed a half-mile from the runway in a field, just missing a nearby house.

Details have not yet been provided about the identities of the man and woman on board, but the airport's management tells News 12 that the plane was based out of Trenton.

The Sky Cafe, located at the airport, was busy with people at the time of the incident. About 100 people were outside watching the incident at the time of the crash, according to owner Rosella Caloiero.

The National Traffic Safety Board will be at the site on Monday morning to examine the wreckage and determine the cause of the crash.  While an exact cause has yet to be determined, several pilots seeing and hearing what happened believe it was likely pilot error.