NEWARK - Residents of Newark are remembering 26 women who died in a factory fire more than 100 years ago.

A marker dedicated to the victims of the worst fire in Newark's history was unveiled Tuesday.

The fire on Nov. 26, 1910 broke out at a sweatshop on the corner of Orange and High streets. Six women died from burns, and 20 others died when they jumped from the four-story building.

"There were two so-called fire escapes on either side of that top floor, but they were really nothing more than drop ladders and the women rushed to them to get out of the building," says retired Star Ledger reporter Guy Sterling. "And frankly they didn't know how to use them, they didn't know how to work them. And with the rush from behind they really had to start jumping."

The organizers behind the plaque say they want everyone to remember that workers in the United States are safer today because of tragedies like this.