NEW YORK - (AP) - Planned Parenthood says it will retrainemployees who have direct contact with patients in how to reportpotential risks to minors, following the release of secretlyrecorded videotapes by an anti-abortion group.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America spokesman Stuart Schearsays the health care organization is calling for the training tomake it clear they "have a firm commitment to reporting anypotential harm to a minor."

The organization announced the nationwide training effortMonday. The organization has over 800 health centers and 11,000employees.

The training must be completed by April 1.

Live Action released videotapes last week that they say showedfootage of staff at Planned Parenthood clinics in New Jersey andVirginia talking about services with a man posing as a pimp forunderage prostitutes.

Undercover video stirs up abortion debate