NEWARK - A US Airways plane was forced to make a belly landing at Newark Airport early this morning due to a problem with its landing gear.

Airport officials say the flight, which left Philadelphia around 11 p.m., circled Newark several times while trying to deploy its landing gear. After the landing gear failed, the plane landed on its belly.

Thirty-four people were on-board the plane and no injuries were reported.

Linda Demarest, a passenger, spoke to News 12 New Jersey about the scene inside the plane before the belly landing. She says that the passengers and crew worked together to secure carry-on bags and personal items. She says that when the plane landed, the cabin filled up with smoke. The passengers were then instructed to run to a grassy part of the runway when the plane finally stopped sliding on the tarmac.

“I want to thank the captain and the crew. They did a wonderful job,” said Demarest.

US Airways says it's cooperating with federal safety investigators, who are looking into why the landing gear failed.