CLIFTON - Residents in a Passaic County community say that they have concerns about a plan to expand a private school for Jewish boys.

The Yeshiva Ktana School in Passaic is a private school for Jewish boys from kindergarten through eighth grade. There are more than 1,000 children at the school, and the student body grows every year. 

Recently, the school bought five adjacent buildings on South Parkway in Clifton. The plan is to tear the homes down and build a 75-space parking lot on the land. However, it is a plan that is not sitting well with some residents who say they are concerned about property values and traffic congestion.

“I feel it lowers our quality of life around here first of all,” says Laura Czarnecki, who lives across from the school.

Lois Doremus has lived next to the school for 50 years.

"I really don't want to see a wall or a fence. I'd like to see homes,” she says. “This is a residential area."

An attorney for the school says that the new plan would actually lessen pedestrian and vehicle traffic on South Parkway. The attorney also says that there are no plans for an entrance or exit on that street.

The application to demolish the homes on the property will be heard by the Clifton Zoning Board on Jan. 26.