MAHWAH - Many Mahwah residents are saying "no thank you" to a plan to build a new mall, which they say will do more harm than good. Four hundred people packed a town hall meeting last night to speak out against possible traffic and crime that would come with the mall.

The mall would stand opposite Route 17 in Mahwah. The plan is to have stores with professional offices above some of the shops, in addition to a movie theater and a hotel.

Two council members voted against the mall, but Councilman Sam Alderisio voted for it. He says that the mall will bring tax revenue for the town and actually cause less traffic problems than an office complex since the proposed shopping center is only 750,000 square feet. Allan Becker says he doesn't believe the argument that there will be less traffic. He also wonders who will want to move to an area where there is constant traffic.

The proposed mall must now be approved by the planning board. If the mall does get approved, then construction would begin in about two years.