TRENTON - State leaders are still working out a plan to save Atlantic City from bankruptcy. Lawmakers have introduced multiple plans, but still have no consensus on which one will be best.

An Assembly committee on Thursday approved a plan that gives Atlantic City up to two years before a full state takeover in exchange for city government meeting financial benchmarks. The bill differs from one the Senate passed and that Gov. Chris Christie backs to allow for a state takeover.

Atlantic City is set to run out of money in May.

Gov. Christie previously said he opposed the plan backed by Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto and instead wants the takeover legislation.

At a news conference held at Union County College, the governor had harsh words for Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian.

“How is he going to run his government after May when he has spent so wildly that he has no more money?” the governor asked.  “I want to help solve his problems for him. He doesn’t want the help, that’s up to him.”

Senate President Steve Sweeney offered a compromise. He supports a full state takeover, but he offered an amendment; to allow the city 130 days to make their own reform plan before a takeover would happen.

Gov. Christie says that he won't agree to that plan, but he's willing to hear other ideas.

The governor also says that if Prieto won't agree to support his state takeover plan, he will campaign against the North Jersey casino amendment that's going on the ballot in the fall.