PLAINFIELD - Plainfield police have a mystery on their hands in the form of a woman and her 6-year-old who have been missing since July.

Police are not sure if Adeyemi Maggi disappeared or decided to go missing voluntarily, but they are very concerned for her and her son, Jihad Blaise.

Maggia was last seen at the Plainfield Public Library, where she spent nearly every day studying for her GED. A witness may have seen her get into a car.

The biggest clue police have is a cryptic phone call placed when Maggi's aunt, Mary Oladabo, traced her niece's phone records and called a number that frequently showed up on the list. A man answered, then someone spoke who sounded like Maggi. The man picked up the phone again and said, "Wrong number."

Adding to the mystery is the fact that Maggi disappeared with her son, but left her daughter behind. Police have checked all local school districts and the boy is not enrolled at any of them.