WAYNE - A Wayne family's pet dogs were saved from a burning house thanks to a neighborhood pizza deliveryman.

Just before Christmas, Tommaso Abbattiscianni was delivering pizza to a house in Wayne when he spotted the house across the street on fire.

The high school senior ran over to make sure no one was inside. That's when he saw two dogs, Sophie and Cooper, stuck in the hallway.

Abbattiscianni sprung into action, smashing the glass door with a shed and pulling the frightened dogs to safety.

Homeowner Lisa Fantau was racing home after a neighbor called to tell her that the house was on fire. Fantau told News 12 New Jersey that her first thought was of the dogs.

"The fact that he risked his life when my home was on fire to save my animals is an unbelievable story," Fantau told News 12 New Jersey, "he's an unbelievable, brave young man."

Sophie and Cooper are doing fine. The Fantau family ordered a pizza the next day and specifically requested Abbattiscianni.  They presented him with a very large tip in appreciation for saving the dogs.