ASBURY PARK - A dog died on a fence trying to escape a hot backyard in Asbury Park.

The dog was one of two in the yard coping with today’s temperatures. The animals tried to survive the heat by digging holes in an attempt to stay cool.

Bruce Campbell works next door to the yard and says animal control offers were called. However, it was too late by the time they arrived.

"Very upsetting,” says Campbell. “We had seen the dogs out there a few days out in the heat and I wish I had called the Humane Society sooner."

Davina Kearney lives in the home and has been charged with the dog's death. Investigators say she failed to provide water and shelter to the animals. She told police she was doing a favor for her boyfriend's aunt, also charged in the case, who asked her to keep and care for the pit bulls after her house burned down.

Monmouth County SPCA Police Chief Buddy Amato says this is just one of the many animal cruelty calls he's been getting during the heat wave.

"Animals let out with no shelter, animals left out with no water, animals left in cars. I mean we're going insane. I can't keep up with the calls," Amato says.

Amato wants to remind pet owners that if conditions are uncomfortable for humans, they are also dangerous for animals.

Panting dogs are sweating through their tongues and need water.