FAIRFIELD - A pit bull rescued from a dog-fighting ring in Paterson last year has mostly recovered and is now living with a new family.

Jude, a 3-year-old pit bull, was close to death when he was rescued in March 2015. An animal control officer in Paterson was ready to have Jude euthanized when the dog gave the officer a lick.

This convinced the officer to call the rescue group Pathways to Hope who took Jude in and saved his life.

Jude has now moved in with the Polizotto family. The family already has another pit bull named Louie.

"They're doing well.  At first it was a little, ‘Whose going to sleep with mommy?’ but after a while we all figured it out and we are all doing well,” says Jennifer Polizotto.

Jude’s miraculous recovery has made him a poster boy of sorts for the Pathway to Hope organization.  Jude was the highlight of a fundraiser held Friday night to raise money for other rescues’ hospital bills and boarding,

Pathway to Hope members say that Jude breaks the stereotype that pit bulls used for righting can’t be rehabilitated. They say Jude is kind and full of love.

Last year the state of New Jersey passed a law increasing jail time for those operating or even watching dog fights.