SEASIDE PARK - A couple from Seaside Park is hoping animal control will spare their dog's life.

Gregory Brewer and his pit bull Cleo were ordered off the beach by an officer who told them he was violating a borough ordinance on Saturday. Police say the dog was leashed but got out of the owners grip and bit the officer on the finger.

Cleo was held at the Department of Public Works until animal control could pick her up, but she managed to escape.

Police say they pursued the dog, which went straight for the water at Seaside Park and swam a half-mile out. Cleo was finally apprehended by a water rescue unit.

Animal control says Cleo has showed aggressive behavior in their care. The animal control officer says a decision has not yet been made about her fate.

Her owners are afraid that they will make an example out of Cleo since so many resources were used during her ordeal.

Police say they'll be giving Brewer two tickets, one for the leash law and another for the ordinance preventing dogs from going on the beach.