RUTHERFORD - A lost German shepherd named Lobo is back home with her family after a photo of her with a Rutherford police officer went viral.

A Rutherford resident found Lobo along Route 17 at around 8 p.m. Monday. The resident brought the dog to the police station and she immediately became a part of the family.

"The dog started running all over us,” says Sgt. Craig Capoano. “We let it into the communications desk area.  We were trying to do reports.  She was almost doing them with us.  It was pretty funny."

Lobo had no ID tags, but did have a collar and leash, so officers figured someone was probably looking for her. The officers decided to take pictures of Lobo and post them on social media.

Before long, the photos had hundreds of comments and retweets. One photo even made it to the front page of Reddit. It was all in an effort to find Lobo’s owner.

“One of our detectives located a guy looking for a dog,” says Sgt. Capoano. “He was so happy. The dog jumped in his arms. It was pretty cool.”

Lobo is now back where she belongs and is doing well.

The Rutherford Police Department just recently launched a Twitter account. Chief John Russo says after seeing the power of social media, he plans to use it more in the future.