WEST NEW YORK - Nearly 90 pets confiscated from deplorable conditions in a West New York home are now recovering and are expected to be put up for adoption soon.

Three women were charged with animal cruelty after 81 cats and five dogs were found inside a small condo on 52nd Street on May 27. According to authorities, a mother, daughter and a third woman were allegedly taking money to adopt and care for unwanted animals.

“They were miserable in that place,” says West New York Mayor Felix Roque. “Miserable, hungry, diseased.”

About three dozen of the cats are being kept at the West New York Department of Public Works’ garage. They were cleaned up and tested by veterinarians and are being cared for by animal control volunteers until they can be adopted.

Volunteers come by every day to change the litter and water for the cats. 

West New York officials are also asking for help with donating supplies such as cat food, litter or cat pans.

About 25 other cats and five dogs are at other shelters until they are ready for adoption.

The home that the cats were found in has been condemned by the West New York Health Department.