PERTH AMBOY - The Perth Amboy mayor and police chief had to manage a school board meeting that became slightly chaotic after the power went out.

The Perth Amboy School District and teachers union have been at odds for a while over contract negotiations.

Many teachers and union members showed up at Thursday’s meeting to protest. According to the Perth Amboy police chief, the power went out during that meeting, forcing everyone to leave the building. 

When school officials did not evacuate right away, the situation became tenser. Some of the union members accused the school board of trying to continue the meeting without them. The school board members were soon told to leave by city officials.

“As the mayor and deputy chief, we have to make sure that every individual, even if they’re in a private building or public one, especially when you don’t have power that people for their own safety should evacuate,” says Perth Amboy Mayor Wilda Diaz.

Mayor Diaz says that as far as she is aware, the meeting did not continue after the evacuation.