PERTH AMBOY - A community still mourning the loss of a young man shot and killed by police this week rallied Friday against what they say was a life needlessly lost.

Dozens marched in Perth Amboy in protest of the deadly shooting on Hall Avenue, on the same day that the 911 call from the man's mother calling police to the scene was released.

The Middlesex County prosecutor says Acela Rodriguez initially contacted police Wednesday, fearing that her son, Dixon Rodriguez, was becoming violent.

In the call to 911, Acela Rodriguez tells the dispatcher that her son was not on his medicine, "because it hurts him so he's not taking it."

According to the prosecutor, police responded to the scene and spoke to Dixon Rodriguez, but he raised his arm and had a knife. Police say he punched a female officer in the head and tackled her. That's when officers opened fire, killing him.

Witness Juna Feliciano shot a video showing chaos following the shooting death. "We saw the officers kind of nervous and looking around; the woman officer had the gun [in] her hand and I started looking around and they're saying everybody to move away; that's when I start recording."

The cellphone video is one record of the incident, but prosecutors say a surveillance camera caught the entire incident.

Feliciano believes that video should also be released. "If it's something that happened and it was self defense or whatever then everybody should have the right to see."

Many witnesses dispute the police report that Rodriguez had a knife at the scene.