PERTH AMBOY - The Perth Amboy Fire Department conducted an emergency response drill at the Buckeye Partners Terminal.

The Sunday drill was held at 1200 State St., located just north of the Outerbridge Crossing. More than 100 first responders from five counties took part.

The training exercise simulated a crude oil fire that would prompt a mass rescue coordinated by several state and federal emergency response agencies.

Fire officials say the training helps emergency personnel prepare to take the most efficient and effective actions in the event of an actual emergency. They say the drill even covers unforeseen obstacles such as running a fire hose across a set of railroad tracks.

Scott Kivet, a deputy fire coordinator in Middlesex County, says that one of the most challenging aspects of the drill is to have everyone synched up to the same communication channel and relaying it to command.

The last time one of the oil tanks went up in flames was about 20 years ago, when crew members say lightning sparked a blaze that lasted for days.