ELLIS ISLAND - Tourists at Ellis Island will soon be able to learn about recent immigrants to have moved to the United States, when they visit the new Ellis Island museum exhibit.

The “Peopling of America: New Eras of Immigration” exhibit highlights recent immigrants to the country, long after the initial influx of immigrants on boats. It features autobiographical videos of famous immigrants like Gloria Estevan, to everyday people. The exhibit compasses from 1954, when Ellis Island closed to immigration, to the present day. 

"I want them to really have an opportunity to put themselves in the shoes of an immigrant and to experience the journey," says Clay Gish, the exhibit’s co-creator and writer.

The exhibit was years in the making, but was delayed by Superstorm Sandy. The basement at Ellis Island was flooded and the exhibit could not open up until repairs were finished. Thousands to Ellis Island artifacts are still in storage due to the damage.

The exhibit opens to the public on May 20. More information can be found at the Ellis Island website.