SEASIDE HEIGHTS - A Jersey Shore community still recovering from Superstorm Sandy is now in a fight with the post office.

Dozens of residents of Pelican Island say their mail service has been sporadic at best ever since the storm.

“It’s big if you don’t get your mail and you don’t pay your bills,” says resident Donna Alterizio. “It leads to late fees.”

Another homeowner, Cynthia Shanker, says she has to contact the post office on an almost daily basis.

“Our carrier never came back [after Sandy] and we never had a permanent carrier from that time on,” she says.

Part of the issue may be that Route 37 splits the island in half. The north side and south side of the community both contain the same street names. Shanker says her mail was delivered to the right house number on the wrong street.

“I want a mailman again who knows who we are,” says Shanker.

Calls made by News 12 New Jersey to the Toms River postmaster for comment about the issue were not returned.