PATERSON - Police are looking into whether the beating of a Paterson teen was part of a new trend called the "Knockout Game."

The young man was brutally assaulted Monday afternoon while walking home from John F. Kennedy High School.

Witnesses who came to 19-year-old Md Abu Bokkor's aid suspect a group of teens tried to knock him unconscious.

Bokkor admits that he really doesn't remember much after he left school. He suffered a major strike to his head, which could indicate that the teens were playing the so-called game. Bokkor also had cuts on his hands and stomach.

Police say there may have been as many as 20 kids involved and that they may have continued the assault.

A mother and daughter who stopped to help the teen agreed to talk to News 12 New Jersey if their identities were hidden. The daughter says she kept Bokkor's head elevated until help came. "There were cars that had the audacity to honk at me like he was road kill."

Bokkor believes he was targeted because of his Bengali background. "They like to hit Bengali people because Bengali people are weak," he says.

His brother, Md Kamrul Huda, fears he could be next and wants the violence to stop. "Probably after tomorrow it will happen to me or somebody else," he says. "We don't want people to be victims of this game."

Bokkor says he will move on and return to school to thank those that helped him.

If the assault on Bokkor was a result of the Knockout Game, it would not be the first severe incident in New Jersey. In Hoboken, a homeless man died following an assault by teens allegedly "playing" Knockout.

Bokkor's family is hoping someone will step forward and confess to the crime, or help police find out who did it.