PATERSON - A teacher at a Paterson elementary school has been fired for inappropriate behavior, including urinating in front of students in his classroom.

Ron Tuitt taught second grade at School 13, and in Paterson's schools since 1996.

Tuitt is wheelchair-bound. Court documents show that between 2006 and 2011, he often urinated in a plastic container with students present and then would ask students to take the container to the boys' bathroom to flush it.

The documents also say that Tuitt would ask his class to close their eyes during these incidents. One student told investigators he saw the teacher put the bottle by his pants. The student also said the bottle was full of a yellow liquid.

Tuitt's tenure protection was removed and he was fired. A judge upheld the district's decision on April 18.

Investigators also found that the teacher once urinated in a classroom trash can and would let students sit in his motorized wheelchair.

Tuitt denied some of the allegations, but admitted to police that he did once urinate in a trash can when he had a urinary tract infection.

AP wire services contributed to this report.