PATERSON - Schools were closed for a second consecutive day in Paterson while the city continued to dig out from the massive blizzard.

There's so much snow in the city that crews are running out of places to put it. The city is waiting for the Department of Environmental Protection to give it approval to dump it into the river.

"Close to 200 miles of roadway,” says Paterson Mayor Joey Torres. “Multiply that by 26 inches of snow we got equates over 54 billion cubic feet of snow."

Primary roads are doing much better three days later, but not the secondary roads.

"You can't even walk on the sidewalk,” says resident Sheron McKenzie. “You've got to walk on the street…make sure you don't get hit by any cars."

Department of Public Works Director Manny Ojeda says part of the problem occurs when people dig their cars out.

"Since there's so much snow, they really don't know where to place it at, so they throw it right back into the street,” says Ojeda. “Then when the temperatures drop, it freezes everything over."

Officials planned on targeting side streets Tuesday night. Bernella Barr hopes the city will help drivers find a place to temporarily park.

"You've got to try and do something.  Just don't leave us standing out here," says Barr.

Mayor Torres also says if your area was due for street cleaning, that area will have snow removal. He asks that cars be moved.