PATERSON - An assault recorded on camera that went viral on social media has caught the attention of Paterson police.

The assault happened on Rosa Parks Boulevard and Van Houten Street in Paterson. The exact date of the attack is not known at this time.

The video shows a man in his late teens or 20s approach a man on the side of the street and then punch that man in the face. The victim appears to be knocked out.

A friend of the suspect recorded the incident and that recording was posted to the alleged attacker’s Facebook page. That account has been deleted.

Other people saw the video and posted it to their pages in an attempt to identify the suspect. The video has been shared thousands of times.

Paterson Police Director Jerry Spezial posted a video statement on the Paterson police Facebook page commenting on the video. 

He said that the department is working to identify the people involved.

“Once that is determined, we will take swift and decisive action, as we will not tolerate that type of behavior or action in our city,” he said.

Various people have shared the suspect's name and address on social media, but Paterson police have not confirmed the suspect's identity.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact the Paterson Police Department at 973-321-1111.