PATERSON - Drivers in Paterson say they're frustrated with the snow-clearing efforts, and the city's mayor says some problems are unavoidable.

Many residents tell News 12 New Jersey some roads appear to be minimally treated, if at all. 

"These side streets, I mean they're ridiculous," says city resident Shavon Herald. "This morning, I tried to get out and I've been stuck - pretty much since yesterday and still not able to get out."

Residents say they saw plows yesterday, but haven't seen them since.

Mayor Jeffrey Jones says part of the problem is that many of the city's 88,000 registered cars park on the street, which makes it tough for plows to maneuver around them.

"The citizens are absolutely correct," Jones says. "We didn't do a good job."

The mayor blames a host of issues, including the fact that blades on plow trucks were switched from rubber to steel, preventing them from scraping snow completely off the blacktop.  Four plow trucks didn't work at all and the mayor says the city received less than 4 percent of the salt it ordered.

Jones says he's investigating why those contracts weren't honored and says he'll look into hiring outside contractors to help clear the snow next time.

For interview with Paterson mayor on plowing issues, watch the clip to the left or click News 12 Extra on Optimum TV channel 612.