PATERSON - The mayor-elect of Paterson is touting his new crime-fighting initiative after his own house was broken into.

The home of Joey Torres was burglarized Tuesday night as he tallied votes at City Hall. Torres said some personal belongings and sentimental jewelry from his wife that had been in the family for many years was taken.

Torres plans to use what happened to him as motivation for reducing Paterson's stubborn crime rate. "This has brought to my attention that we need to strengthen the laws relating to precious metals - the buying and selling of precious metals."

One of the first things the mayor wants to do when he takes office is hire more officers.  Over the next four years, he wants to put 100 more cops on the street.

Residents like Erica Fletcher agree. "Maybe more officers on foot would help because if they see the presence they'll stop doing certain things," she says.

Torres also wants to reinstate 24-hour-a-day mobile precincts, which can set up shop quickly in high-crime neighborhoods. 

The mayor-elect takes office in six weeks.  In the meantime, he's offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in his own burglary case.  

Torres is Paterson's second public official whose home was burglarized in recent years. In December 2011, thieves broke into the home of Mayor Jeffery Jones and stole his Marine Corps ring.