PATERSON - The Paterson City Council is looking to press charges against Mayor Jeffery Jones because of an overtime check the mayor received that he was not entitled to for working during Hurricane Irene.

Kane in Your Corner has been following the story for weeks. The mayor and the City Council say they want the same thing, which is an explanation as to how people who are not entitled to overtime wound up getting thousands of dollars worth.

The council claims that the mayor is blocking its efforts to get the truth and they want to take him to court. Last night, Jones walked out of the City Council's meeting, refusing to answer questions about how he got paid for overtime he wasn't entitled to.

The mayor says he refused to answer because he wasn't given 10 days notice, as required by law. He could face consequences for walking out of the meeting.

Council members have passed a resolution of no-confidence and are asking the city attorney to charge Jones with obstruction of justice.RAW VIDEO: Paterson mayor walks out on Irene overtime hearingPaterson City Council looking to press charges against mayorKIYC: Paterson City Council launching investigation into overtime