PATERSON - Police say a trusted high school coach has been arrested and charged after he was allegedly caught with drugs outside of a Paterson store.

Jimmie Smith was racing out of a Home Depot parking lot Wednesday night when he crashed into a detective's car. Witnesses say he tried to get away on foot, but was chased down by police and subdued.

Smith has been working for Paterson schools since 1999, and has been an assistant coach on the basketball team since 2008. He was also a full-time instructional aide.

News 12 New Jersey went to Smith's home for comment, but was told to leave.

Smith is facing drug charges, as well as charges he assaulted an officer. Police say he was in possession of seven ounces of cocaine.

The acting attorney general released a statement calling it alarming that a man who worked closely with students was caught with cocaine, apparently leading a double life.