MIDDLESEX COUNTY - A woman stuck on a New Jersey Transit train for several hours Tuesday spoke to News 12 New Jersey about the ordeal.

Rachel Goldstein was on the train that was stuck when live wires broke and crashed onto the tracks. She says even though media reports said things cleared up once the train returned to Newark Penn Station, the story doesn't stop there.

It all began when the train's conductor addressed the passengers. "We'd been stuck there for an hour at this point," Goldstein says. "He tells us that NJ Transit informed him that there are overhead wires down. He said, 'You can't make this stuff up folks'."

Goldstein was in the first car of the train, and had a front row seat to all that happened. "I saw sparks and before I could even turn to my neighbor and say what was that, the lights went out," she says. "You hear a clunk. I felt the impact, and then it felt like the train was rolling over something."

She says problems piled up as the delay dragged on, including one bathroom open to 1,000 passengers, and little direction once people got off the train.

A spokesperson for NJ Transit said the agency had not received any major complaints about a lack of bathrooms on the train that was stuck.