SADDLE BROOK - A principal at a Passaic County charter school is taking matters into her own hands to make sure her students have all the supplies they need this school year.

Christina Scano, principal at John P. Holland in Paterson, says her teachers and students couldn't afford the supplies, so she is reaching into her own wallet to help educators and students succeed this year.

"We realized students can't achieve and learn if they don't have the supplies," Scano says.

Jaclyn Hoogmoed, a first-grade teacher at the school, is also spending her own money on the students and classroom necessities. "It's exciting buying stuff for the kids knowing that they are going to enjoy and love it," she says, but she also points out that it's difficult to spend a large amount on the supplies.

Parents are also asked to provide some supplies for their students. The first day of school for the charter school is Wednesday.

"We really want kids to enjoy coming to school every day and this helps us," Scano told News 12 New Jersey. "This is their tools and that's what they need."