PATERSON - The Passaic County man who won a $338 million Powerball jackpot was in court today over unpaid child support.

Superior Court Judge Ernest Caposela ordered Pedro Quezada, 44, to pay $30,000 in back child support to the mother of three of his children.

Quezada paid the debt, which prosecutors say he had not paid since August 2011, immediately.

The three children had been living out of state, and Quezada was ordered to make continuing payments. However, the lottery winner's lawyer now says the children will be coming to live with him.

Judge Caposela had one warning for New Jersey's newest multi-millionaire. "Invest in your children. Wisest investment you'll make."

Quezada claimed a lump-sum payment last week worth $221 million, or about $152 million after taxes. Sheriff's department spokesman Bill Maer says the state Lottery Division generally satisfies such judgments before winnings are released.

The children's mother would have to file an appeal to alter future child support payments.