MONTVALE - Lots of schools are taking a snow day due to the winter storm, but students at Pascack Valley Regional High School District will still be in class - virtually.

Many students say they love the idea of attending a virtual, online school on a snow day, especially when the alternative is making up class during spring break.

The district says if students don't do the work, it will be recorded as an absence.

"We're confident our students are going to be learning throughout the entire school week,” says superintendent Erik Gundersen.

The state still has to sign off whether or not the "virtual" day will count toward the 180 days of instruction required by law.

"I really do think it can count," says Kevin Killian, a teacher at Pascack Hills High School. "It can be as valuable as a regular school day can be.”

Students Chris Mdeway and Ayo Deleouhuru say they don't want to miss more days. "It's a great way to overcome snow days," said Mdeway

"We are able to use the programs we've already been using to more of our advantage," says Ayo.

Students will log on at 8 a.m. and complete their day at 3 p.m. The district encompasses Pascack Hills High School and Pascack Valley Regional High School.