BRICK TOWNSHIP - Parents in Brick Township are asking for an elementary school to be shut down until mold found inside the building can be cleaned.

The district says at least 10 rooms inside Drum Point Elementary School tested positive for common mold. Parents say they are worried.

Dawn Gardner visited the pediatrician's office Wednesday with her second-grade daughter Regina, who's had a persistent cough. "My concern is long-term effects with the mold," she says.

An environmental company has been hired to clean it up on weekends. The cleanup is scheduled for completion in December.

The Brick school district has had mold problems in the past at the Educational Enrichment Center. Students were transferred out of there while the problem was remediated.

Parents want to know why mold at Drum Point doesn't warrant a similar response. "Why aren't they moving our kids?" asks Kris Alino. "That's what we want to know! My son has been sick since September."

In a statement, Superintendent of Schools Dr. Walter Uszenski says, "I don't have any room to move kids. The other schools are jam packed. But again, the experts are not telling me to close this school, so I am not. They say the mold can be remediated on weekends safely. They're telling me only children with severe allergies may be affected."

The superintendent says at-risk children could be transferred while the mold is cleaned up if a doctor's note is provided.

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