IRVINGTON - Parents of the children who were riding in a school bus that crashed in Irvington last Thursday say they are still upset.

Chelsea Williams says that her 8-year-old son Jaylen, who has autism, has had more emotional outbursts since the crash.

"He's been clinging to someone. If not me when I'm working, then his grandmother, but primarily his sister," she says.

Jaylen suffered a bruised eye when the bus carrying at least nine special needs students crashed into a building after colliding with another car. Many of the students were injured, including one with a broken leg.

A Kane In Your Corner investigation revealed that 96 percent of the buses owned by Horizon Link, the bus company contracted out by the Irvington Board of Education, failed safety inspections. The only bus that passed was the one involved in Thursday's crash.

Williams says that she doesn't understand how a company with such a poor safety record could have been contracted to transport special needs children. She also says that she had previously complained about the driver.

"I've mentioned it before about [the driver] coming in and she'll be on a cellphone... I've seen her with iced coffee in one hand and driving with one hand or eating breakfast sandwiches. She's also been an hour late to pick up the kids."

Williams says that she hopes the school will be using a different bus company, with a better record, when school resumes next month.