BAYONNE - The parents of a Bayonne woman accused of running down a Jersey City woman with her car say that their daughter feared for her life. They spoke exclusively to News 12 New Jersey.

Seynabou Fall’s parents tell News 12 New Jersey that they haven’t seen her since she was taken to the hospital after the crash and charged by police for allegedly running down 25-year-old Kamika Walker.

Fall’s parents say that she was lured to the area by Walker because some people were angry at her for reporting a car break-in in the neighborhood a few days earlier. Her parents say that when Fall arrived in Jersey City, she was met by a mob who attacked her and sprayed Mace in her face.

The parents say that Fall only ran over Walker in an attempt to escape the mob. Video has surfaced that shows the aftermath of the crash and what appears to be a group of men attacking Fall as she was on the ground.

Jersey City police tell News 12 New Jersey that one of the men who allegedly attacked Fall is facing aggravated assault charges and that they are looking for other suspects.

Fall was charged with aggravated assault and criminal attempted homicide.