SOUTH AMBOY - The impending closure of a Catholic school in South Amboy is moving some parents to take action to try to save the school that has been around for over 100 years.

Sacred Heart Elementary School has seen student enrollment dwindle recently. The Diocese of Metuchen says only 80 students registered for next year, so it decided to close the school.

Some parents of students who attend the school and former students say they want the school to remain open. They estimate that there are more than 200 families in the community that will raise money and support for the cause.

The diocese points to studies that say Catholic school enrollment is down overall. In a statement on the closing, it said, "Fortunately, there are several excellent Catholic elementary schools located in close proximity to Sacred Heart School. The diocesan Office of Schools continues to be a resource to teachers and parents who desire assistance during the transition."

For some parents, transition is not what they want - especially for their kids who like where they are.

The diocese has stated that the rest of the school year will go on as scheduled, but the last day of school on June 30 will mark the final closure of Sacred Heart Elementary.