WAYNE - Parents of a young girl in Wayne say they will do anything to help fight her rare disease.

Lily LaRue Anderson, 6, is suffering from diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG. Doctors do not know much about the disease, and there is no cure.

Lily has a tumor in her brain stem and is currently undergoing radiation treatment to shrink it. The tumor has affected her coordination and strength, making even walking a chore, but through hard work she has regained control of her legs.

Her parents say they didn't know there was anything wrong until May, when Lily had an incident in a swimming pool. She sank to the bottom while swimming with her brothers and sister. While her life was saved that day, doctors quickly found out her near-drowning was the result of the disease.

Lily just underwent her 31st radiation treatment, and her parents are waiting for the results to see how successful the treatment has been.

Doctors say that there has to be research and clinical testing if there's any chance for a cure.