POINT PLEASANT - Parents are scrambling all across New Jersey to get their kids classroom-ready before the start of the new school year.

Students are getting fresh haircuts, brand-new clothes and all the latest school supplies gear. Craig Korb, of Point Pleasant, says that it's hard for his two young daughters to make up their mind about which new backpacks they want.

"I got here and didn't realize there were going to be 500 backpacks to choose from," Korb says. "It's an eye-opening experience."

For elementary schools students, the trend seems to be bright and bold colors for accessories, according to the shoppers. High school students seem to want new backpacks with computer compartments.

"It's not just college-based anymore," says Brave New World salesperson Cara Donnelly. "High schools say you can bring in your laptops."

In addition to new haircuts, backpacks and clothes, brand-new shoes also top the list. Retailers say neutral-colored sneakers that blend with anything are most popular among students.

Bright-colored sneakers aren't selling as well any longer.