PISCATAWAY - Rutgers University police are investigating a large fight that broke out among parents at Saturday’s state championship high school football game between Brick Memorial and Jackson at High Point Stadium in Piscataway.

The melee was caught on camera, and the video has gone viral.

A student who wished to remain anonymous tells News 12 New Jersey that the fight started when a mother was upset that students weren’t cheering loud enough in the stands when Brick Memorial was winning.

“She got fed up with it, so the one kid she saw she took the microphone and smacked him right in the mouth with it,” the student says.

Brick Township interim Superintendent Richard Caldes also saw the fight and says that he was appalled.

“This is something you just don’t fathom,” he says. “Adult saying curses and one or a couple of our students got hit.”

Caldes says that he is very proud with how the students handled themselves.

“We are proud of our kids. They wanted to leave and go home. A minute left in the game, they were scared and shocked,” he says.

Rutgers police are also investigating claims that several adults were seen drinking alcohol in the parking lot before the game.

Brick school officials says that anyone found to have been drinking or fighting at the game will be banned from all future sporting events.