PARAMUS - Businesses in a Bergen County town are getting tickets when they leave their sign lights on.

Paramus has a quality of life ordinance that fines businesses $200 or more, plus $33 in court costs, if their signs don't go dark after 11 p.m.

Mayor Richard LaBarbiera tells The Record newspaper the town isn't trying to torture business owners. But the mayor says many residents live adjacent to the stores and the lights disturb them.

More than 40 businesses have received summonses between January and early March, according to Borough Administrator Joseph D'Arco.

The rule has been on the books for decades, but borough officials began warning store owners last year that they would be enforcing the rule more vigorously after receiving several citizen complaints. All stores must close by 11 p.m. in Paramus and are not allowed to be open on Sundays.